Tongues and Tastebuds

Gosh don’t the weeks fly by, when they are only 4 days long!! We have still been very busy! In maths we have been working on addition and subtraction families and it is proving to be quite illuminating! The children have definitely been working hard finding out the ‘inverse’ facts, showing a good deal of delight when they realise the connections! Our Science work has led us from ‘Seeing’, past ‘Touching’; we had a quick nose around ‘Smelling’ – (Congratulations to Bella for being the ‘best smeller’!) and then on to ‘Tasting’ and finally ‘Hearing’. We had 2 sessions learning about our mouths, tongues and tastebuds and the children bravely chewed, sucked and tasted the 15 items on offer. We discovered that many of the senses are linked together – smelling and tasting, seeing and hearing …..or not hearing as the case may sometimes be. Our challenge question was – “Is hearing the same as listening?” In RE we were finding out about the Shema Prayer and the Mezuzot. We’re looking forward to making our own Mezuzahs next week with Mr Woolston.