Handa's Surprise

This week saw Kingfishers continuing to enjoy the story of Handa’s Surprise – and what a surprise it was to enjoy the tastes of all the different fruits in the story! There was some super descriptive writing, about the tastes and smells. We were so pleased with the children who tried the fruits they have not eaten before. Our maths work has seen us measuring with metre sticks and handspans – there really is quite a difference in the size of hands even from Y1 to Y2 – hmmmm maybe that is why we have a standard unit of measurement…..?! We discovered the same thing in RE with our handprint hearts! When we were at Forest School, we heard a delightful story ‘ A New Home for Wren’ before we went off to scavenge for all the things that Wren might have found and used for her nest. Although wrens are the shortest British bird – some of the nests we created were rather roomy! The children spent a long time searching for things that would help to make their nest the most comfortable or enticing! In Science we have been thinking about the characteristics of mammals, amphibians, fish, birds and reptiles. There was much discussion, and a lot of confused expressions whilst we were trying to identify whether some creatures were reptiles or amphibians…. It means we have something to work on next week!