Congratulations to all who have survived this week’s activities – we have been very impressed with the quality of learning that is whizzing through the wires back to us. It has been lovely watching the videos of the home learners – their confidence is showing as is your competence! We would still reiterate that we are appreciating all that you are able to do, in these very tricky circumstances, and we recognise that sometimes the challenges you are facing are just too great. The children started off the week looking at an illustrator Rob; and having a go at drawing their own aliens. Subsequently they have been writing their own story, in stages, in order to develop the description of the aliens and the activities they are getting up to on the moon. There have been some fantastic efforts so far. Money, has been our maths topic – and very well done to you all for your perseverance with the learning. Our topic work has been varied – making alien sculptures, jars of happiness as well as sorting and collecting materials. There were some super astronaut creations, and some smashing explanations of what kit their astronauts had.


India’s Jar of Happiness


Jack’s Space suit