The Man on the Moon

A huge THANK YOU and WELL DONE to all in Kingfishers this week. We have been so pleased to see how many of your technological skills have developed over the last few months!! It has been a real pleasure to watch the videos, read the work and listen to the voice messages from the home learners. Those at school, have also worked extremely hard in a variety of settings, and have been very good about adapting to what is next…. The Man on the Moon – Bob, has been described, questioned and watched this week – and some children have been lucky enough to receive replies from him. Sometimes the airwaves are a bit busy – or the moon has disappeared, and so not all the messages have come through yet – but I’m sure they will! In maths the children have been learning about money – and we have learnt about bribery methods!! Our topic work has found us learning about the first Space missions, sorting materials and thinking about special things. We have also been learning about Sculptors – here are just 2 photos of our own Marc Quinn sculptures, out of the many posted – that give a flavour of what we were doing.IMG 62081hands1