Grumpy Sheep!

Much barely contained excitement this week as Kingfishers donned their costumes in order to bring the ‘Grumpy Sheep Nativity’ to life. Knowing that this year was going to be different, Mrs Eliot had had another of her ‘ideas’, and had thought that we could possibly film the story with the action taking place outside. Having learnt the songs, and practised the words, all that was needed was the camera, the lights, and the action! Mrs Marlow worked hard to get the costumes assigned to the characters, Mrs Fisher charged up the batteries on the ipad, and flexed her filming finger and the results will be available for viewing next week……..

We have finished our ‘Great Fire of London’ topic, and were able to answer most of the questions we thought of at the beginning. We have been enjoying different versions of the Christmas story, and have been answering some rather funny questions in a Christmas Quiz.

At our last Forest School session for this term, we were checking our mouse houses and making them comfortable for the next few weeks; using hack saws to cut canes for the very substantial Bug Hotel, and we enjoyed our hot chocolate round the campfire.