Samuel Pepys Diary

Kingfishers finished writing their Samuel Pepys diaries this week - they wrote them over the course of 5 days, which they were amazed to discover was how long it actually took before the Great Fire of London was finally put out! They also had great fun hot-seating the characters of Samuel Pepys and King Charles II to obtain eye witness accounts of the dreadful inferno and quizzing them about how London would be rebuilt afterwards. The Y1s drew posters to show what they thought London would look like and the Y2s answered a 'true or false' quiz about 1666 events and personalities. (They all knew that the new St Paul's Cathedral was designed by Sir Christopher Wren and were not thrown off the scent by the cunning statement that it was designed by Sir Christopher 'Rowan' instead...!)

Samuel Pepys diarya