Activities at Forest School have involved tree climbing, nest building, mouse dens and involuntary mud slides. We have been having a great time. This week we have helped create Bug Hotels, as well as looking for signs of activity around the dens and bird feeders. Thank you Mrs Wycherley for making it such fabulous fun!

No Pens Wednesday gave us the chance to rehearse our acting skills, as we pretended we were Samuel Pepys and Charles II. In maths we have been thinking about shapes, vertices and edges, and so enjoyed the opportunity to create them using Meccano or Geo Strips and split pins. Some then morphed into pterodactyls and stegosaurus’ – linking our learning!

In RE we were thinking about when Candles are used – we were amazed to be able to come up with 16 different celebrations or purposes. Well done Kingfishers for really thinking hard!

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