Being a Kingfisher

How lovely it is to see so many smiling faces, gappy-toothed grins, slightly too long sweatshirts, and shiny shoes as we welcome a full class of Kingfishers into our classroom for the beginning of another year. We have also been thrilled to welcome 3 new children to the class, Matthew, Theo and Sofia. It won’t be long before they, and the children who have joined us from Robins become used to the routines and ways of our class. The children have had plenty of opportunities to talk about their experiences of the last few months, and are certainly seeming to be enjoying being back together again.

This week we have been thinking about ‘What it is like to be a Kingfisher’ – (the sweatshirt variety not the feathered ones!) – and we have been using our feet to help us make collages of the feathered variety. We have also been recycling carrier bags, and designing our own Kingfisher crockery! Very soon these will be on display in the entrance. Next week we will start on our Dinosaur theme – and we will be starting our Tuesday P.E. lessons with Mr Major.