Collecting Data

We have been using the Ipads this week to enhance our understanding of charts. It has involved collecting data from the other children, and then using this to create bar charts, tally charts, pie charts and pictograms. It has been great fun. In Maths, the Y2s have been working on estimating measurements, whilst the Y1s have been cementing their number bonds using the 'Part, Part, Whole' strategy. In Geography we were finding out about the different types of Islands, and then used the maps and atlases to find Islands around the World. We also remembered what we had been learning at Forest School last week - what things are necessary for survival on an Island. Mr Woolston has been encouraging the children to think about their 'learning lines' in PSHE, and then has been talking about what's inside their bodies. The children then worked together to position the body parts in the correct places on a paper torso. A slightly quieter week in Kingfishers this week.IMG 3622IMG 3622