The weeks are passing by so quickly, it's amazing how much we fit in! This week we have been finding out about the Jewish Festival of Lights, Hannukah. We heard the story of Antiochus and Judah and learnt about the importance of the oil. It was fantastic to have Mr Major back, to put the children through their paces in P.E. In Maths we have been creating 2D shapes using lolly sticks, whilst learning about faces and vertices on 3D shapes. And then there was Forest School! We had decided to go along a different path this week - possibly less muddy?! We had a really exciting journey, up- hill and down dale, learning how to negotiate stiles and using our listening skills to locate each other as one group disappeared into the distance. It was, by no means, quicker, less muddy, or less steep; but we had a whale of a time slipping and sliding our way to the hot chocolate station! Maybe next week, when we return, we won't be quite so …...brown!

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