This week has flown by, and it hardly seems a moment since last week's contribution! We have tentatively begun learning the Christmas songs for our play; the children have been enthusiastically reminding themselves of the Babushka story from last year. We also learnt a little about the symbols that are used during the Festival of Lights, 'Diwali'. We used coloured food to make Rangoli patterns, on the paper and on the carpet - a little too successfully in some areas! At Forest School, we made a special effort to look at the Oak tree, and note how it looks in its autumn colours. Later we planted some Wild Cherry and some Rowan tree saplings; working together to dig the holes, plant and support the trees and protect them from being eaten by small hungry animals. Whilst some of the children used the mud kitchen, and played an enthusiastic game of Hide and Seek, Lottie built an impressive structure for the birds. During our hot chocolate break it was fantastic to see a robin checking out her handiwork, leaping form branch to branch. It'll be great to see if more birds have used it next time!

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