Senses and Sculptures

Braving the weather, Rapunzel set out into the garden, having been released from the tower by the handsome princes in Y2. She went to discover the sights, sounds and smells....somewhat enhanced by the diggers and drills from the roadworks! The discoveries were then used to assist the written work in English. This week we have been looking at the sculptures of Henry Moore - especially his 'King and Queen' sculpture. We then attempted to make the human form, using a variety of materials in the classroom. The children tried really hard to use 1 piece of dough, pulling and shaping it into a human, without breaking any off. In Science we attempted to make a piece of material waterproof - using wax - and then testing it with a small amount of water. Despite our best colouring with the wax crayons, the experiment showed us, that the layer needs to be much thicker than we could make it.

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