Zoolab visit.

On Monday, Dan from Zoolab visited bringing a variety of creatures for us to see, touch and learn about. The chidlren were fascinated, and very keen to hold, stroke or examine whatever Dan brought round. Many of them, overcame their intial uncertainty - unlike the 3 adults in the room!

Here is some of the writing the children wrote follwoing the visit.

When Zoolab came to our classroom they got a sticky silver snake. After the silver silky snake there was a striped cockroach. Then there was a white rat called Mousse. Then there was a striped black millipede. When the taratula came out it looked like a zebra. I liked the fat rat. The worst was the tarantula. I also liked the cockroach. The one that eats his own pooh is the cockraoch! The one we couldn;t hold was the tarantula, because it shoots out bum hair, and it makes yhou itchy for three weeks!       Morgan.

When Zoolab came, they brough a scary snake and a frightening tarantula! Next he brought a tickly, wiggly millipede and guess what - it eats everything even it's own pooh! After that he brought round a fluffy, cute rat and it;s ears were so small and cute. Finally he brought round a scary creepy crawly, it was a Madagascan cockroach. My favourite was a snake because it was so slimy! We also learnt lots of facts, like where Madagascar is. There are only four things cockroaches don;t eat, bricks, metalm plastic and glass. They can not eat glass because they can not get a grip in it.      Ines.

When Zoolab came today, Dan handed out animals. First the snake, second the Madagascan Cockroach, third the special rat and fourth the enormous tarantula. It had 8 eyes and 8 furry legs that were creepy. The rat was furry and it's ears were big. The cockroach was enormous and funny. When the cockroach was on my tee shirt, it bit a hole in it. It was hungry! The rat was called Mousse, I stroked the rat. The rat is a herbivore. The centipede is an omnivore.       Nycol.

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