The school currently follows the guidelines provided by the National Curriculum . This consists of 10 subjects; four core subjects of English, Mathematics, Science and ICT, plus six foundation subjects, being Design and Technology, Music, History, Art, Geography and PE. Religious Education, Personal Social Health Education (PSHE) / Citizenship are also taught. A modern foreign language (currently French) is taught to all pupils — informal sessions during YR and KS1 and a weekly lesson in KS2.


The school uses a thematic approach to deliver the curriculum as we believe it helps children make ‘links’ within their learning, thus aiding understanding. Each class undertakes a topic each term and a key experience, such as a visit or visitor, is used to stimulate interest and promote a ‘wow’ moment of learning at the beginning.



We recognise the importance of English for learning across all areas of the curriculum. We seek to provide a secure but stimulating environment in which children can develop their skills in all forms of communication –

· to express their views clearly and confidently in discussions and through drama;

· to listen and to respond sensitively to the opinions of others;

· to read fluently and with understanding, for pleasure and to access information;

· to write both fiction and non -fiction to communicate their ideas, choosing language which engages the reader;

· to develop accurate spelling and punctuation and neat presentation as aids to clear communication;

- to develop accurate spelling, grammar, punctuation and neat presentation as aids to clear communication.



We want children to enjoy mathematics and to understand its use in ‘real’ situations where it is meaningful and relevant to their lives, now and in the future, in and out of school. The curriculum is designed to provide a progression through the full range of mathematical skills and concepts appropriate to the age of the child. This will include work not only with number and calculation, but also with geometry, statistics and problem solving.


Please see what each class is learning about this term.