Year 4 Maths Challenge

On Friday Grace, Josie, Fenton and Seb attended the Year 4 Math Challenge at St Edward's Senior School.

They took part in several rounds of different maths activities. It was fabulous to watch them work - they were all excited and embraced the challenge. We were impressed by how quickly Josie and Grace completed the 24 Game round, and how well Fenton and Seb worked as a team.

Josie was also chosen to take part in a card trick.

The children all represented the school beautifully - well done!

We don't know the results yet, but whatever they may be, the children have made us very proud.

Thank you very much to Mrs Weatherley-Kaye for supplying me with coffee and conversation! And thank you to Mrs Clargo, Mrs Weatherley-Kaye, Mr Milner and Mr Jouni for facilitating transport for the children.