100 word stories

On Monday and Tuesday Eagles excelled themselves in writing very succinct stories. The genres varied from science fiction (lots of time travel) to horror (a very creepy story based in a forest) to fairy stories (mainly involving the good old Eagle favourite, the unicorn).

We were very impressed with the high standard of story and we wait with bated breath for the outcome of the competition.

Mum Says Tea's Ready

by Anthony

With an insignificant rumble the door opened and the lights turned off. Tom and Charlie held each other. They were both shaking with fear and fright. The squeaky door opened with a loud bang. A robotic arm moved closer and closer to Charlie and Tom. Suddenly the lights turned on. "Aaaar" Alex said very quietly. "Mum says tea's ready" Alex said in a cheeky voice with a grin on his guilty face.

Journey to the Centre of the Earth

by George

I'm in the middle of nowhere, on my way to the centre of the earth. I'm with my trusty companion Doctor Brain-side. It is known that if you follow the sun till midnight you may find it. We are in a cave looking in, wondering whether to go down the drop or go in the slow way. We're going the quick way. Year 2009, day Friday, month April. As quick as a flash the cave is closing in on us. Myself and the Doctor are in danger. Before I can even think we are burning in the pitch black... what next?