Egypt visit

The Eagles had a visit from Ann Blagden, a lady who helps the Bedouin tribe of Egypt to build wells for water. She told us all about the water table, and how it is much lower than it used to be in Sinai, an area of Egypt where the Bedouin live. This is because of tourist resorts such as Sharm-el-Sheikh, which use a lot of water for tourists who are used to readily available water in the countries they come from. We thought about all the uses we have for water, and what would happen if water was heavily restricted.

Ann showed us a traditional farmer's dance, which involved a crook, which was used to look after goats and also fight other farmers who claimed the goats were theirs. Harry G had a go - it was a lot harder than it looked!

We learned about the clothing and tents of the Bedouin and had a go at putting kaffir on, which would keep the sun off the Bedouin's heads. The tents of the Bedouin are made from goat hair and the Arabic name for them is 'House of Hair'.

We also learned to say thank you and you're welcome, and to count to 5 in Arabic -

  • 1 - Wahid
  • 2 - Ithnaan
  • 3 -Thalaatha
  • 4 - Arba'a
  • 5 - Khamsa2014-11-12 11.51.45