Kingswood photos

We had a fabulous time at Kingswood. Our group leader was called Kieran, and he formed a bond with the children instantly. We had one activity on the first day, topped off with the evening entertainment, Mini Olympics. I thought I would never laugh as much as when we saw Harry M try to run in a straight line after spinning around and around.  I was wrong. The next day, we had an activity called Nightline. The children were blindfolded and led through an obstacle course, which was slightly on the muddy side. Mr Cruse was given water to pour over them as they emerged from tunnels... evil! The sight of Ben trying to orient himself on the wrong side of the ropes reduced Mr Cruse and I to tears of laughter. Ben then decided he wasn't muddy enough and rolled himself around in the nearest available mud patch. We also partook in activities such as Field Games (Mr Major's forte), Aeroball (Mr Cruse, bouncer extraordinaire) and Archery (Mrs Holt's strength). We were proud to see many children overcome their fear to zip-wire, abseil, climb and go caving. Some children who only made it up the first ladder on the first activity were able to reach the very top by the end of the week. Even if they didn't complete the activity, they still overcame a huge personal challenge. A massive well done to all of you, Eagles :)