On Monday some of Eagles class went to SkillZone, Gloucester with Isbourne Valley school. After a hot and sticky journey we arrived at SkillZone, a large, blank unit that didn't give away the secrets inside. We started off with a quiz. Each person was given a voting pad, and could vote for the answers to questions about staying safe in various situations. Then we split into groups - two Isbourne Valley groups, one Gretton and a Gretton / Isbourne combination. We went around SkillZone, experiencing dangers that life may present us with, and learning how to react safely to them. Oliver had to pretend to drown at the beach, whilst Oscar rescued him. We walked down a dark (smelly!) alley, and identified hazards in litter. We went to a park, a railway station, and sat in a car and learned about the importance of seatbelts. We even experienced a house fire!

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