Jamie Oliver's Rainbow Salad

After a hard week of SATs testing for the Year 6s, we ended on a high note with our live webcast session, cooking with Jamie Oliver. He was trying to win a new World Record for the world's biggest cooking lesson. We had a few technical hitches with the video, but luckily we audio throughout so we didn't miss any of the instructions.

Our ingredients included lots of different types of vegetables such as carrot, cabbage and two different colours of beeteroot. There was also mint, parsley and feta cheese, and we made our own dressings (in jam jars!) from mustard, natural yoghurt, extra virgin olive oil and cider vinegar. We followed Jamie's instructions, then divided our group mixtures into wholemeal wraps.

Most children had a great attitude to trying something they were not sure about - some of those hesitant people were surprised to find they liked it! Below are some photos of the lesson:JO 1JO 2