Victorian Day

On Friday the Eagles dressed up as Victorians as a culmination of this term's topic. Some children were rich, some were poor, and all looked fabulous. Mr Major was a dapper gentleman, and Mrs Holt was keen to show everyone her bloomers! We started the day with boys lining up separately from girls, and had lessons in rows in the hall. Mr Major conducted a hand inspection and was most displeased with Issy's nail varnish. We chanted times tables, wrote out the Lord's Prayer, and laughed at Harry G and George wearing the dunce's cap. Toby J was given the cane for insolence.

After play Mrs Holt taught the class two songs, then we played traditional games such as 'In and Out the Dusty Bluebells', 'The Farmer's In His Den', marbles and skipping. We were having so much fun we would have quite happily stayed out there throughout lunchtime too! Here is a photo of us outside the school, which is itself Victorian. school vic