The Black Country Living Museum



On Friday 17th January Eagles went to the Black Country Living Museum in Dudley as part of their topic on the Victorians. We arrived at about 10 o'clock, and had a session in the Victorian schoolroom. Boys and girls had to line up separately, and couldn't sit together in the classroom either. First there was a fingernail inspection, then we practised the times tables. There was handwriting practice too, using slates. The teacher asked the girls which boy had been naughty enough to be caned, and they nominated George! He took his punishment with good grace...

After the school session, we separated into our three groups and went to look at the houses and shops. Some of the places visited over the course of the day were Lillian's house, Rose's house, Harry's house, a hardware store, a pharmacy, a draper's, and many more.

At 12 o'clock Mrs Holt, Ollie and Oscar picked up 17 portions of fish and chips and 9 portions of chips. It took the three of them to carry it all to our lunch room!

After lunch we all continued looking around the museum, including a trip down the mine. It was pitch black, and the ceiling was very low at many points. Most of us were relieved to be out of there. We were only in the mine for about 20 minutes - imagine working down there all day!

We ended the trip with a trip to the gift shop - Mrs Holt bought a book about Victorian workhouses, and she was most gleeful to find a recipe for gruel...