PGL Liddington

Amity Louisa Issy

Wednesday: After our lunch, we split into three groups and did two activities - Mrs Holt and Mrs Jackson's tackled the low ropes and Jacob's ladder, while Mr Major's group had fun on the Giant Swing and braved the trapeze. We had dinner at 5.20, then a bit of time to unpack before the Eagles disco at 7pm. Reuben and Leon certainly knew their way around the dancefloor! Lights out was at 9:30pm - although the odd giggle was detected after that time...


Thursday: After a cooked breakfast of sausages, beans and scrambled eggs we were ready to face the day's challenges.  We stayed in the same groups as the day before, and took part in fencing (insert appropriate Mr Major-style fencing joke here) and one of the previous day's activities that we hadn't yet done. We then had a substantial lunch of tomato and basil soup,  burger, chips and peas, and salad, before learning how to survive the elements in Survivor. It was great to see some of the children conquering their fears to take part in the various tasks over the course of the first two days.

There was a surprise in the afternoon as Mrs Kelly arrived and spent an hour with Mr Major's fencing group. She enjoyed a dinner of chicken with us (and a trip to that marvellous salad bar).

Vicky organised a Pirate Challenge for that evening, where the Eagles had to find hidden pieces of eight and gold rocks, then answer general knowledge questions. They finished off the game by attempting to build the tallest tower possible that could support a ball.

Strangely, the children dropped off to sleep a lot more quickly on the second night...




Friday: A morning of raft building awaited. Each group designed their raft, then headed down to the lake to build it. Much hilarity (for Mrs Holt, Mrs Jackson and Mr Major at any rate) ensued as the rafts were launched and children got a touch wet. Jemima managed to fall in, nearly climb out, and then fall back in, whilst Angus did pretty much the same, with the added comic effect of his waterproof trousers being round his ankles.

Sadly, that was the end of our time at PGL, and following a quick lunch we had to clean our rooms and get our suitcases shipshape and Bristol fashion (unlike the rafts), down all the stairs and out to the coach.

The children were fabulous throughout our stay at Liddington - well done Eagles.