Barriers to Learning

“Should the workhouses be closed?” was the question on Eagles' minds this week as we planned and wrote a balanced argument. It was very interesting to listen to the children's points of view about the value of looking after those in need vs the often harsh conditions of workhouses. As it's Dyslexia Awareness Month, we examined our own barriers to learning and how we could help ourselves and others to overcome them. We found out that everybody has something that they find difficult, and something that they find easy. We thought about specific difficulties people can have, such as dyslexia and ADHD, and how they affect how people learn. We also talked about only being able to say you have dyslexia or ADHD after a long process of identification with doctors and professionals like Mrs Dodd. We made booklets about our barriers and how we can help ourselves overcomes them. It was fascinating to hear the children's thoughts. We've also designed our Christmas cards ready for FOGS to send off to the printers - the children worked so carefully and with pride in their designs. We hope you like them!

George and Oscar thinking about what helps them to learn.