Tag Rugby

On Monday we had a morning of tag rugby (see Jack, Oscar and Ollie below). Mr Major put the children through their paces and by the end of the morning everybody had improved, which was fantastic to see. We've also started looking at poetry by black poets, as part of Black History Month. We read poems by Benjamin Zephaniah and thought about equality. Year 6s remembered Zephaniah's poem 'The British' well from our recipe poems last year. We learned about 'MORERAPS', an acronym made up by the poet Joseph Coelho to help remember the different features of poetry - Metaphor, Onomatopoeia, Rhyme, Emotion, Repetition, Alliteration, Personification and Simile. In Science we discovered how animals evolve to help them survive in their habitats. The children looked at one of three different environments (marine, arctic and desert) and found out how some animals have adapted to them. Then they invented their own animal to fit into their biome, explaining what adaptations had been made to help them survive. We're looking forward to seeing Jennifer Killick at the Literature Festival on Friday! We've looked at the cover and blurb of Crater Lake, and heard the beginning of the first chapter. It will be interesting to hear what inspired her!