Apple Rock

What a sterling job the Eagles and the teaching team have been doing in my absence! I could see some excellent examples of writing, Maths and of William Morris-inspired art in their books. Thank you very much for all the kind messages of support - I have been very glad to be back (albeit part-time!) this week.

Eagles were delighted to have a spelling test on my return on Tuesday afternoon ? 

We followed this treat up with an Apple Rock linked art lesson in which we learned to draw realistic apples. The children all started by drawing an apple - round, green / red, 2D were fairly common traits in their sketches. Next we looked at some real apples and noted the colour, shape and imperfections. After that, we followed a YouTube tutorial on how to draw an apple - the difference in 'before' and 'after' apples was fantastic! Here are Rowan's apples so you can see the difference yourselves. After this practice, we have produced our best versions for FoGS and Apple Rock - do go along and have a look!

We've picked our Science back up: we focused on adaptation and variation in animals and plants, touching on one of the most famous Victorian scientists - Charles Darwin. Did you know that the peppered moth evolved to turn black during the Industrial Revolution, to better camouflage itself on soot-stained walls? They were first spotted in 1848 - 10 years before Charles Darwin formally outlined his theory of evolution.

Beauford shared his medal which he earned from his fundraising walk for CALM. Well done to Beauford, his family and their friends!appleBeau