William Morris

Well what a week for Eagles! Everyone sends their best wishes to Mrs Holt, for a speedy recovery and timely return as soon as she is fit and able.

The children have been very helpful, ensuring their ‘alternative’ teaching team have been welcomed and shown what’s what and where’s where. Work- wise – Mrs Netting has been working on the Victorian Artist, William Morris – using the front garden for natural inspiration. Mrs Hanson and Mrs Lacey led a PE session, challenging the children to work cooperatively, learning a new game and of course, listening to the instructions! Mrs Dodd explored ideas about what makes a good leader in PSHE.   


Nature inspired block printing

Maths found us working through Place Value objectives, multiplying or dividing by 100s 1000s and 10000s, using rounding up and rounding down and generally dodging around the decimal point, this way and that! (Truly mathematical!)

In English we have continued working on the ‘Goth Girl’ story, observing how to draw one of the main characters, and later conceiving and sketching a new character of their own. The children had many villainous ideas for names, personalities and characteristics. They practised their acting skills, role-playing arguments and developing the wrangles to not include “Yes I can”, “No, you can’t!” – and then we tried to write them! Writing dialogue is always an undertaking!

Just a little French, and a Forest School experience with our Little Friends, and a week in Eagles passed by almost effortlessly!