Goth Girl

We rounded off last week with some glow stick geometry, in which we learned all about tessellation and regular and irregular shapes. It culminated in a video by Professor Brian Cox explaining why bees use hexagons for their honeycombs. 

This week, we've been learning more about the characters in Chris Riddell's Goth Girl, including trying to predict who the mysterious Lucy Borgia might be. The children have written some lovely character descriptions and even incorporated some relative clauses into them.

We've also looked at the 1881 census for Winchcombe. The handwriting was extraordinarily difficult to read, but we persevered and found out that some of the language the Victorians used was not necessarily very kind towards others - lunatic and imbecile being some of the examples. We learned about the kinds of jobs people in the local area had; by far the most common was agricultural labourer.

meteorite 2