Archimedean Solids

After a very late (and emotional!) Sunday night for many of the Eagles, we started with a video about the shape of the Euros ball this year - not a sphere as you might think, but an Archimedean solid called a rhombicuboctrahedron! Once we'd found out about the history of the shape of the football, we made our own Archimedean solids by cutting out and sticking some very complex nets. The truncated icosidodecahedron was a particular joy to create! The afternoon saw a successful Sports Day (errant cricket balls aside) - the Eagles all tried their absolute best and I know they were very proud of their own efforts. The Shopping Race was fun to end on - and now we know which super-shopping Robins to take with us in the event of the next toilet roll shortage. We also learned about stereotypes this week. We drew skateboarders on a Post-It note - out of 26 children, 4 drew girls. It promoted a very interesting discussion, which led into the treatment of the players who had missed the penalties on Sunday night. We've finally finished filming the end of year film - a lot of editing needs to happen now. It's a shame that bloopers would be too time consuming because there were definitely some very funny moments on set! When it's ready, the link to the film will be emailed home. We hope you enjoy it!

shapeBonny and Isabelle making a truncated shape