STEM Workshop

Monday and Tuesday saw hectic mornings of filming down the field and at Forest School. Our new microphone has made a huge difference to the recording of the children's voices and in cutting down the noise of the wind. It's just a shame it doesn't also cut out the sound of house renovations, traffic or trains though! On Wednesday was the STEM workshop - Lego robotics. The Eagles had to build robots and program them to fulfil tasks. Sarah, our instructor, was very knowledgeable about engineering and I hope she has inspired some of the children to become engineers themselves. Mr Major said that the children were full of excellent questions for Sarah at the end of the afternoon. Some of the tasks included customising the robot with extra Lego pieces (there were some very dangerous looking ones!), making it dance and scoring goals in football. The teamwork shown by the children was outstanding: even though it was a competitive day, the teams went out of their way to help each other with the different tasks. Congratulations to the winning team, Lily, Matty and Freya, who won a goody bag from QinetiQ. Congratulations also to the team who won the prize for teamwork, Bonny and Jemimah, who shared the remaining goody bag.