We've learned about Egyptian gods and goddesses this week - the range of animal heads that they had was quite astounding! Did you know that Ancient Egyptians believed that humans were made out of clay on a potter's wheel by the river god Khnum? Or that Isis' headgear was an entire throne (hopefully it didn't give her any back issues!) and her sister Nephthys had a house and a basket on her head? Play / film practise has begun in earnest - it's been wonderful to hear the voices of children singing in school again. The costumes are all arriving in school - thank you very much for your support in this. We'll be starting the filming very shortly! We are all looking forward to both the filming- and the watching! I was very impressed one playtime to find some of the girls - Ava, Isabelle, Bonny and Freya - have used their creativity come up with their own skipping rhyme and actions to match.skip