We've been looking at persuasive speeches in English this week: those of Martin Luther King Jr and Malala Yousafzai in particular. Ultimately, the Eagles will be writing their own persuasive speeches. It will be interesting to see the techniques they use! In Maths we've been trying to measure and draw angles accurately, as well as working out how to find out the interior angles of various polygons. In RE last week we started an introduction to Islam. Not many children knew much apart from what they have heard in the news. They were particularly puzzled about what is going on between Israel and Palestine so on Monday we looked at a Newsround article together and explored, with a light touch, some of the issues. The children were very keen to try to apply their own conflict resolution skills to the situation. In PE we played some cricket for the first time in over a year - the children did very well. The children who have had lots of experience of playing did a great job of supporting the less confident children, some of whom have never played cricket before. A big thank you to Mr Major who led the session.