As Year 6 have Bikeability this week, we have had a standalone topic in English. We've been looking at wellbeing by listening to songs and talking about their themes. We've talked about friendship, change and our wonderful world. Although the lessons themselves are very creative, we've developed our discussion skills, our listening skills, following instructions skills and our ability to make links a lot this week. On Monday we made friendship bracelets using thread, on Tuesday we followed a 'How To Draw the Moon' tutorial and on Wednesday we made origami butterflies. On the back of the butterflies the children wrote the changes they would like to see in the world: an end to racism, no plastic in the seas, no fossil fuels and much more. On Thursday we expressed our gratitude with tissue paper silhouettes and we finished up our work on Friday with doodle sheets associated with our own special songs. A big well done to the Year 6s whose behaviour was praised by the Bikeability instructors - we are very proud of your excellent ambassadorship for our school!