African Drumming

A well-written villain is key to an exciting adventure story and this week we looked at two of them: Herod Sayle and Mr Grin. The Eagles compiled secret dossiers about the evil men and their villainous ways, ready to go on display in the hall. We had a go at some African drumming using our set of djembe drums. After learning about several different African instruments and how they sound, we followed a YouTube tutorial on African drumming patterns. We became quite good at drumming slowly but we've got quite a way to go before our fast drumming is anything other than giggle-inducing! Our Anti-Bullying wristbands have arrived and so we spent Thursday afternoon comparing the way Miss Honey and Miss Trunchbull treat others and thinking about the word 'respect'. A huge thank you to Mr and Mrs Bayes for donating the wristbands - the children love them!

Jemimah and Leo with djembe drums