Food Tasting

On Thursday afternoon we experienced a taste of Nigeria, the country where Ancient Benin was once situated. We started by thinking about the availability of food at around 1000AD in Ancient Benin; fish, meat, rice, fruit and vegetables were our main guesses given the location and landscape of the country. The first food we tried was dates (these ones were actually from Tunisia) - they had a very mixed review. Then we tried some chin-chin, a traditional West African snack, a bit like crunchy cookies - this was a bit hit! We tried plain, vanilla and cinnamon varieties. Finally, we tried jollof rice. Even though it was the mildest version, there were still a lot of red-faced children after trying it! I was very impressed with the children's attitudes towards new foods, and the polite way in which they disposed of the ones they weren't keen on. Following the food tasting we researched further and created some menus based around what we had learned - full dad joke marks go to Monty, Matty and Joseph who named their establishment The Ben Inn.

Mckenzii trying some jollof rice