PSHE Jigsaw

We've continued learning about Ancient Benin this week - did you know the Great City of Benin had an early version of streetlights and that it was so safe there were no doors in the doorways? Visitors from Portugal were astonished by how rich and well-designed Benin City was compared to Lisbon and London. The children also built on what they'd learned about the art of Benin during their museum visit by starting to design and make some 'bronze' masks with Mr Major. In PSHE we talked about different roles that people have in bullying. We learned that sometimes other people encourage bullies by laughing along, or sometimes by seeing the situation but doing nothing. We also talked about the word 'snitch' and how negative it is. One Eagle pointed out that the main people to use the word snitch are the people who have done something wrong in the first place. We thought about how we could replace the word snitch with something more positive, some ideas were: 'truth teller', 'Hermes' and 'messenger'. We all agreed that it is important to let an adult know if somebody is unhappy. Finally, we had a visit from PC Pete Curtis, our Schoolsbeat officer, at the end of last week. He helped us to develop our understanding of internet safety and a huge part of his message was that apps and games have age certifications for a reason. Once a child sees something, they can never “unsee” it. Did you know that the Fortnite is PEGI 12, that Roblox has an instant chat function which immediately disappears and that WhatsApp has an age rating of 16? Some of the Eagles were very surprised!

This week's PSHE jigsaw piece