Ancient Civilizations

Welcome back everybody. We've started a topic which is not only new to the children but new to Mr Major and to me too! We're learning about Ancient Benin, Ancient Egypt and the Early Islamic Civilisation. The week kicked off with a naming African countries task - hopefully the children now remember that Africa is a continent rather than a country. It led to a chat about the Ever Given and we looked at pictures showing how it blocked the Suez Canal. After thinking about words we associate with Africa - a very interesting discussion - we planned a trip to Abuja. There were some very luxurious hotels being selected by the Eagles; they clearly have high expectations! On Wednesday Mr Major started his art lessons which will be based around the art of each ancient civilisation. Then on Thursday we had our virtual visit to Bristol Museum to learn more about the art of Ancient Benin. We found out that the bigger the figure in a relief, the more important they were, and that leopards were considered to be powerful animals (but not as powerful as the oba)! Tuesday also saw the start to our PSHE focus on anti-bullying. We thought about some of the types of bullying - physical, verbal, cyber/online and indirect - and thought about how this might look. We've agreed that we are a team in Eagles and we can all contribute to positive experiences at school.