Shot at, nearly crushed in a car macerator, climbing out of 15th floor windows - Alex Rider leads a very eventful life! The children gave him some good advice in their Conscience Alley, leading to 'Alex' (played by George and Isabel) deciding to take Alan Blunt up on his seemingly not-dangerous offer? Was it good advice? We'll need to read on to find out! In Maths we've been looking at negative numbers - they're a bit like fractions in that the larger the number behind the negative sign, the smaller (or colder in the context of temperature) it actually is. Some Year 6s have been looking at algebra and using formulae to help them to solve calculations. Forest School saw the Eagles hunting for the eggs of 21 British birds - from jays to rooks to pheasants. Back at school, Mr Major convinced Mrs Holt that he had found an eagle egg! It was, however, a role play for a lead in to our PSHE where we thought about the impact of lying. Eagles were very good at coming up with some of the consequences: we agreed to not lie to our friends, which would harm our friendships; to our teachers, which would damage the trust they have in us; or to our parents, which would cause worry and problems for others. (Please note Eagles, the use of the colon and semi-colons in that last sentence! 😉)

Hattie and Jasmine with their drawing of the Iceni leader, Boudicca.