English Buffet

We've had a mixed buffet of English this week: we made a book from all of our Zephaniah-inspired poems about our school community, completed a Reading test, learned about hyphens and started our new writing focus on Stormbreaker by Anthony Horowitz! Art saw the children painting their clay weaving looms - some are a bit delicate so the actual weaving process is going to be interesting! In Forest School Mrs Wycherley took the children for a walk to the top of Langley Hill. There was also much excitement about a toad who has taken up residence in one of the dens, complete with a supply of worms. We learned some Latin root words in History - they came in very handy for one of our lessons the next day. We're now looking forward to our Big Red Exercise Class on Friday morning and our boccia tournament on Friday afternoon - a double PE day!

Isabel and Hattie painting their clay looms