Eagles had a whale of a time at Forest School making mixtures as part of their Science curriculum. They made potions to make people fly, go invisible, protection spells, spells to read minds and much more! In French we've researched the French names of European countries - lots of children noticed that many French names were similar to the English where a particular suffix was involved: Albania = Albanie, Bulgaria = Bulgarie, Croatia = Croatie etc). Mr Major led some clay weaving loom making on Wednesday afternoon - we just need them to dry before we can weave! In English we've been looking at the poem The British by Benjamin Zephaniah. It's a recipe poem which mentions all kinds of people who have settled in Britain - from Silures to Somalians, Normans to Nigerians and Angles to Afghans. We'll be writing our own Gretton poem based on Zephaniah's work, thinking about all the people who shape our school community. Our first week of Maths was a Week of Inspirational Maths, designed by Jo Boaler. We learned how the brain is an amazing organ which can help you learn if you give it a good workout! The tasks this week were all open-ended, investigative problems which saw the children spotting patterns, reasoning and using some excellent mathematical vocabulary.

Potion making at Forest School: