Romulus and Remus

Although we are still considering what makes Britain great our focus has shifted more towards Roman Britain. We've noticed that many Roman towns seem to end in 'cester, chester or caster' and we know that Roman roads are famous for being straight (landmarks permitting!). I enjoyed the Romulus and Remus retelling so much - I saw power-points, keynotes, comic strips, videos and voice-notes. Below I've collated some of the video clips into one picture: Matilda's scene showing the wolf (a stunning portrayal by Pickle) looking after the babies, George's scene showing evil Amulius and Isabelle's babies in a basket in the river. In Science we've moved away from mixtures and had our first lesson on electricity - static electricity, to be precise. I have to say it took my hair a very long time to calm down after that video! There were some superb diagrams created by the children following the lesson and I was impressed to see some extra facts about clouds and lightning from some of the Eagles.

video clips