Reading Rivers

Free choice for Great Briton of the week was very interesting: Captain Sir Tom Moore has been on a lot of people's minds as he was far and away the most popular person picked to learn about. The children clearly had great respect for his achievements. Monty chose Sir Ranulph TwisletonWickham- Fiennes and included the incredible fact that he tried to blow up part of the Dr Dolittle film set. I enjoyed filming the Science video and loved seeing your photos of any experiments you do at home. We've finished with the Man on the Moon (some absolutely fantastic pieces of writing from the children, especially the vocabulary) and have had more of a reading focus with Reading Rivers and some comprehensions. I enjoyed looking at how much the children read over a period of 24 hours - from cereal packets to Showbie comments to sheet music to magazines to books!

Reuben's reading river

Ruben RR