Impressive Authors

There are lots of very impressive authors in Eagles class this week: lots of ambitious vocabulary used, sentence types varied and tension built. We had 'glowing moon' (Ava), 'blankness of space' (Ruben), 'stark, bare and silent moon' (Henri) and 'barren landscape' (Matty). Mr Major and I have very much enjoyed reading everybody's writing - keep up the hard work! One more Man on the Moon session to come on Monday and then we will be having a reading focus. In Science, there was a plethora of pictures showing experiments - really good to see! I was also pleased with the tidiness of the presentation, especially with the table - I didn't have to remind a single person to use a ruler. Quite possibly a first in my teaching career! An extra special well done to Ollie who overcame a scientific hurdle by recruiting a lab assistant in the form of Eliza. It seems like there was a diverse range of British music listened to as well, from Black Sabbath to Little Mix. In school we tried to hear British music from as many different genres as we could. Pop, rock, grime and EDM went down quite well but some children found punk quite perplexing!

Isabel reading with Dottie