Science Experiments

We've started our narrative writing unit based on the John Lewis advert 'Man on the Moon' (and I can confirm that tears were shed by various parents!). It's been quite daunting, preparing such a weighty unit for Remote Learning, and I'm pleased to see how well the children are doing with it. The standard of presentation has been consistently high. Eagles have come up with some superb vocabulary - 'ghostly', 'monochrome', 'silvery orb' and 'mountainous', amongst many others. I'm looking forward to reading their build-up pieces next week! I've also been impressed by the number of Science experiments being carried out. I'm waiting with bated breath to hear the result of Isabelle's from last week, but this week saw Queenie carrying her miscible / immiscible experiment out one-handed while she filmed with the other! We also used Science to have a go at using Socrative - I created a quiz based on the previous week's lesson. Most people figured out how to use it fairly quickly, so we'll definitely be using it again - especially as I've noticed there's a Space Race quiz which looks like a lot of fun! If you ever need any equipment from school - exercise book, protractor etc, please do let me know via Showbie and we can arrange a time for you to collect it from school. Below is Matty's Science experiment.