Writing Skills

Eagles have dusted off their writing skills this week with a series of short writing tasks. Matty left us on a huge cliff-hanger in his suitcase account, Oscar's toys went from partying to all-out civil war, Jude invented a burger dispensing machine and Ollie's alien had a very strong Among Us vibe! Meanwhile Ava's alien presentation was possibly the most terrifying thing I have ever seen... I was very pleased to see all of the Eagles having a good go at using ambitious vocabulary. I'm looking forward to seeing the results of the Science experiment - Isabelle has even used two types of water (tap and stream) to see what will happen. We also asked ourselves the very important scientific question - 'Are cats a liquid?'! The designs of what schools might look like in the future were very interesting: running tracks, swimming pools, a plethora of slides and thoughtfully placed coffee machines for teachers. Keep those gratitude journals going Eagles - I've been impressed to see the many things you are grateful for.

tigersOscar's tigers in battle!