This week in Eagles!

On Wednesday we watched Lewis and Clark Journey to the Wild West. They tackled lots of obstacles in the way. Only one man died on the two- year period (Sargent). Lewis nearly lost his life in two days on the journey! We have also been doing ebooks about what we have enjoyed doing from September. For instance, Matty, Joseph and Zeyla are doing Art. We have also been playing 15 to 1; basically it’s a really fun quiz game. What you do is the teacher asks you quiz questions from a book and you have to answer them if you get it wrong you have to sit down. Every star is a win. If you win you go on the board. In Art we have been doing Christmas trees and Peter Thorpe’s rockets together to make Christmas rockets. They are Christmas trees with rocket boosters. And that’s all for Eagles class for this week.

by Matty and Henry