Literature Festival

Since we couldn't go to the Literature Festival this year, the Literature Festival came to us! The bunting's up, the sign is on the window and festival wristbands are adorning wrists. We completed some activities from the Festival for Literature for Young People as compiled by the UEA. We've written acronym poems, reverse haikus, a tagline for a locked room mystery, a description of something we saw in the front garden and postcards from our future selves. Mr Major and I were particularly impressed by the language used by the children in their nature descriptions: 'the wind wept', 'the raindrops gathered in the paper-like petals', 'the brick pattern autumn leaves', 'the pistachio-green leaves'. We've also continued with the ever popular 'Mathart', a maths lesson taught through art on Freestyle Friday. This week we explored symmetry through drawings of insects. Wednesday afternoon was spent creating a solar system from fruit and toilet paper (and footballs!). It turned out the hall is not really big enough to contain a solar system - even one made from fruit! It was incredible to see the difference in size between Mercury (a peppercorn) and Jupiter (a football / watermelon!)

lit fest