On Friday we honoured the fallen by holding a 2 minute silence on the playground. The children held poppies they had made which they then 'planted' in the school garden.

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Friendship Friday

The children worked in House groups from Reception to Year 6 on collaborative art projects on Friendship Friday. With Mrs Netting the children looked at the scultptor Andy Goldsworthy and used natural materials to create their own works of art in the front garden. With Mrs Eliot the children took inspiration from Vasili Kandinsky to create their own circular collages. Mr Bridges used Pablo Picasso's colourful abstract portraits to engage the children and finally Mrs Holt used the geometric elements of Pier Mondrian's work to create a large scale piece of art.

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New play sand from David Deacon

We are very grateful to the builders working on the Bugatti for generously donating a large quantity of new play sand to the school. Having organised delivery they then came round to wheelbarrow it to the Robin’s outdoor area, much to the excitement of the children.

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Big Friends organised a 'Mini-Olympics' for Robins on Wednesday. They designed 8 activities for their Little Friends to enjoy and supported them brilliantly in helping Robins learn some new skills.

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