Oliver's Vegetables

It has been a very healthy week in Robins. We read the stories 'Oliver's Vegetables' and Oliver's Fruit Salad' by Vivien French. We used our senses to help us think of lots of describing words for the vegetables on display in the classroom and then made cress sandwiches by following instructions. Although it was the first time many of the children had tried cress, they all participated in the taste test and most gave their sandwich a big thumbs-up! Some of the Robins asked to make vegetable soup so we chose onions, squash, carrots and potatoes to chop and cook. As well as healthy vegetables we also looked at a selection of fruit and the children practised their safe knife skills using bridge and claw techniques to make a fruit salad like Oliver in the story and wrote lists of their ingredients. In Maths Robins have been building numbers beyond 10 with some keen to build numbers to 100! On our Adventure Walk we went on a number hunt and found some numbers larger than 10 on number plates, road signs, telegraph poles and even on the railway bridge.


The Tiny Seed

Robins have been exploring the life cycle of plants this week and identifying those that grow in our local area. We read 'The Tiny Seed' by Eric Carle which begins in Autumn when the sunflower seeds are carried on the wind. The children discussed the story and explained why all the seeds did not grow. The whole class engaged in some independent writing about the story and all earnt themselves a Dojo point for perseverance as I was so impressed with their efforts. Later in the week we read 'Jasper's Beanstalk' by Nick Butterworth and decided that Jasper needed help to understand more about growing plants, so we wrote some instructions for him and planted bean seeds of our own. The role-play area has become the Giant's castle from 'Jack and the Beanstalk' in which the children have been counting out his collection of gold coins and golden eggs. In PSHE we looked at the 'Eatwell Plate' and learnt about the different food groups and discussed which foods we should eat often and those we should eat sometimes. As we have been talking about seeds this week, we then made a delicious healthy snack using a hot air popcorn maker which made our classroom smell amazing!



Robins have continued learning about life cycles this week. We read the very sad story of 'Tadpole's Promise' by Jeanne Willis in which he promises the caterpillar he falls in love with that he will never change! The children practised using time connectives -first, next, after that and finally to sequence the life cycle of a frog and have worked really hard to use their phonics to write independently. In maths we explored the names and properties of 3D shapes and went shape hunting on our Adventure Walk and discovered that most of the traffic cones on the road works are actually pyramids!

We even found a frog this week at Forest School!

IMG 6698

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Robins are learning about life cycles over the next couple of weeks. This week we read a very familiar story to many of the children 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' by Eric Carle and sequenced the stages of a butterfly's life. We are eagerly awaiting delivery of some Painted Lady Butterfly eggs so that we can observe the life cycle for ourselves in the classroom. On our walk we identified orange-tip butterflies as well as other flying mini-beasts including bumblebees and hoverflies. We also visited a field of lambs on the hill above Forest School and met the farmer who told us more about them. Lots of maths Dojo points were awarded this week as the children worked hard on learning number bonds to 10. Some really good listening and thinking skills were in evidence as the children used different manipulatives and ten-frames to find all the possible combinations. In Music we are learning a song called 'Big Bear Funk' and the children added some groovy dance moves including the funky monkey and the funky chicken!