Once upon a time

Once upon a time...there were some very excited Robins who found a fairy-tale castle in their classroom full of costumes, tiaras and crowns to transform them into knights, princesses and kings. We began our mini topic with the traditional tale of Sleeping Beauty. The children drew story maps, acted out the story and wrote their own versions. Having found a wild rose in my story-teller hat we spent our adventure walk searching for other prickly plants the Prince may have cut his way through to get to the castle like teasles, burrs and brambles. In Maths the children used 'First, Then, Now' stories to practise addition and in Music our classical unit began with Rossini's William Tell Overture which certainly livened up Friday afternoon!

Abstract art using seasonal colours in PSHE



Having sent out a plea for cardboard boxes we were lucky enough to be given two huge ones for the classroom. We used one to create a special place as part of our R.E. work. The children decorated their special place with pictures and patterns, coloured lights, cushions and throws and decided it should be used as a place for sharing books or having some quiet time with a friend. We then brainstormed ideas on how to use our second box- I liked the idea of a bus but I was outvoted, and the box became a dragon! We read the story of 'Zog' by Julia Donaldson and watched the animated tale before drawing our own dragons and naming them. Princess Pearl in the story wanted to be a doctor and Robins talked about many different kinds of jobs before imagining what job they might like to do when they grow up. Watch out for future actors, gymnastic instructors, vets, builders and tractor drivers! We celebrated the end of term with a campfire and toasted marshmallows at Forest School.

Drawing dragons


Fit and Healthy

This week in Robins we read some non-fiction texts about people who help us. Firstly, we found out about the job of a dentist which linked with the discussions we have had around keeping healthy, then we learnt about being a vet and how to keep pets healthy too. Robins talked about the jobs their parents do including the very important roles of being a Mum and Dad. On our walk we visited places around Gretton where people work which included a very informative chat with the road workers about jackhammers, a chat with Mrs Hanson our Chair of Governors who we met on our way to the local pub for a fleeting visit (honestly!). Our high levels of activity this week did not stop there. We also worked hard on our bat and ball skills in PE, did some 1-minute fitness challenges in PSHE to find out what effect exercise has on our bodies and took a long and scenic route to Forest School on Friday. Phew...I think I'm ready for a rest!

watercoloursChristopher enjoying watercolour painting in Busy Bear time


Miss Ilott brought in her saxophone to show the children as we have been learning about brass instruments in our funk music unit. She explained how she blows through a reed to make a sound and the chidlren had a go at pressing the keys to play different notes.

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